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Michael Bradley - Imaken Images

In our first ever issue of Analogue Corner, we chat to Michael Bradley from Armidale NSW. Michael is a photographer that shoots both film and digital. He specialises in shooting Australian landscape, weddings and portraiture photography. He runs Imaken Images.

Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get into film?

Hello my name is Michael Bradley a professional photographer with the business name Imaken Images.

My love of film began at a very early age, maybe around 5 or 6. I grew up with my granparents and we didn’t have very much money but they still always managed to find enough to take me to the chemist to get my film developed. I started off with a very basic Hanimex 35mm with a flash (oh la la) and then moved my way through similar basic entry level point and click cameras.

 Check out Michael's Film photography film reel


What is it that you love about film and what inspires you?

I’m not sure what it was about film that really grabbed my attention. I used to love that sometimes the camera made up its own mind about how a photo should look and at other times it was like the way I saw it that day that I took the photograph.

I’ll never forget the feeling of Christmas every time I visited the chemist when I knew it was time to collect the prints and negatives. I still love that about film.

I’m older now and gone through the digital boom and have come home full circle. 

If we were to take a look into your camera bag, what would we find?

I’m using Mamiya medium format cameras now RZ 67 and 645 Pro. I love the look of medium format and the way the viewfinders see the world. The film that we have access to these days is still magnificent.

I know we have lost some great films since the birth of digital but some have been reborn and some new ones brought out to. There is a film for every occasion and not a photoshop filter that can replace them.

I’ll never forget one winters afternoon looking down through the viewfinder of my Mamiya RZ 67 and seeing through the dead grass and the glistening sun I was mesmerized at how beautiful this moment was. The photo still makes me feel that “aww” feeling.

Your favourite films?

Fuji Velvia, Kodak Portra and Fuji Acros. Current favourite film is Velvia 50 because of tonal quality and colour replication.

Finally, any tips for others looking to get into film?

I'd say to others looking to get into film just go for it! It slows everything down and brings back the timelessness and skill to photography. eBay is a great place to pick up a cheap film camera and there is a variety of formats to choose from such as 35mm, medium and large format.

The cost may be variable depending on film choices and whether you choose to develop it yourself or not. Also getting a good quality scanner to scan your negatives for your own reference as well. Ilford is a great choice for black and white and Kodak or Fujifilm for colour.


You can check out more of Michael's work on his websiteFacebook or Instagram page.


Written by lofi co — June 26, 2017


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