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Polaroid FAQ

We've compiled a list of questions commonly asked by Polaroid shooters.

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Last updated: 14/10/2013


Polaroid 600 Cameras

What Films are suitable for use with Polaroid 600 Cameras?Z

There are currently 3 films suitable for Polaroid 600 cameras:

Polaroid SX-70 Cameras

What Films are suitable for use with Polaroid SX-70 Cameras?

There are currently 2 films suitable for Polaroid SX-70 cameras:

Polaroid Spectra Film Cameras

What Films are suitable for use with Polaroid Spectra Cameras?

Written by lofi co — October 14, 2013

Holga FAQ - Answers to Common Questions

What film does the Holga 120 take?

All the Holga’s that have “120″ in it take 120 film. This includes all of the following cameras we stock: Holga 120 N, 120 CFN, 120 GCFN, 120 TLR, 120 PC, and 120 WPC. This means that any film listed in the following link is suitable for the Holga 120 series of cameras:

What film does the Holga 135 take?
All the Holga’s that have “135″ in it take 135 film. 135 film is otherwise and more commonly known as “35mm” film! This is the most common and most popular format of film that is easiest to have developed. This film is compatible with all the following cameras that we stock: Holga 135 BC, 135 TIM.

This means that any film listed in the following link is suitable for the Holga 135 series of cameras:


Written by lofi co — May 16, 2013

Recesky DIY TLR tutorial

A step by step guide to building the Recesky TLR, a "do-it-yourself" DIY camera. It is a Twin Lens Camera - meaning that there is two lenses of the same focal length. One lens acts as the photographic lens (it takes the picture), whilst the other lens acts as the viewfinder lens (lets you see the picture).

Building the Recesky TLR is not as hard as it first appears - but it sure is great fun!

Written by lofico — April 04, 2013

Recesky DIY Stereo Pinhole Tutorial

A step by step guide that goes through the steps to building the Recesky Stereo Pinhole Camera, is another DIY camera kit by Recesky that uses regular 35mm film. While it is called a Stereo Pinhole Camera, it also functions as a normal pinhole camera that takes regular pictures, as well as a panoramic camera that takes pictures twice the width of a regular pictures.

Written by lofico — April 04, 2013

Recesky FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Recesky TLR - How to load film into the Recesky TLR

Written by lofi co — April 04, 2013

Gakkenflex vs Recesky vs Blackbird Fly TLR


Gakkenflex versus Recesky - the Gakkenflex camera originated from a Japanese camera magazine (Titled: Otona no Kagaku). It came with a particular edition (Volume 25) of the magazine - it greatly grew in popularity as it was relatively cheap in comparison to other Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras such as the Blackbird Fly TLR.



Written by lofi co — April 04, 2013

Glass Lens Holga vs Plastic Lens Holga

There is in fact not much of a great deal of difference between the glass lens Holga and plastic lens Holga. Being a cheaply manufactured camera, the images you get can vary from camera to camera and it will be difficult to find a definite answer as to which one is better and in what way.

In general, it is believed that the glass lens gives slightly sharper images, whereas the plastic lens gives a bit more vignetting around the corners, and slightly more blurry and distorted photo. There isn't a big difference in the colour rendition and contrast in either lenses. One would believe the glass lens is a bit more durable, but the plastic isn't badly built either. After all, it's purely a matter of personal preference.

Written by lofi co — April 04, 2013

Using 35mm film on a Holga 120 Camera

Even though the Holga 120 Series is designed to take 120 format film, there are two ways you can use 35mm film on your Holga 120 Series Camera.


- Loading the Film

- Taking Photos

- Unloading the Film

- Using a kit for the Holga Camera


Written by lofi co — April 04, 2013

Film FAQ - Q&A to Film

35mm versus 120mm – what’s the difference?

The digits in 35mm film (otherwise also known as 135) or 120mm film refers to the actual width of the film, e.g. 35mm film is 35 millimeters wide, whereas 120mm film is 120 millimeters wide. 35mm being the smaller width, is physically smaller in proportions to 120mm when compared side by side.

Written by lofi co — February 19, 2013

Where to Buy / Develop Film in Australia

We’re compiling a list of places close to you where you can take your 120 or 135 film to develop or process!

Want to know where to bring that medium format film from your Holga camera or Lomography Diana camera? Or looking for a place that develops slide film that’s close to your location? Some of these places also will have film in stock so if you are looking to buy film locally you can also give these places a go! If you are looking to develop film at home then check around and you will find some places also stock darkroom equipment like B&W developers, chemicals and other equipment needed for darkroom like paper, enlargers and scanners.

Written by lofi co — February 19, 2013


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