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Gakkenflex versus Recesky


The Gakkenflex camera originated from a Japanese camera magazine (Titled: Otona no Kagaku). It came with a particular edition (Volume 25) of the magazine - it greatly grew in popularity as it was relatively cheap in comparison to other Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras such as the Blackbird Fly TLR.


The Gakkenflex offered the following particular specifications:

- Aperture: f/11

- Shutter speec: 1 / 125 second

- Multiple Exposures

- Focus adjustment range: 50cm to infinity

- Takes 35mm film

- Tripod mount


The Recesky offers the same specifications as above, and it is sometimes called the Gakkenflex clone, fake Gakkenflex or even Fakkenflex. The kits are almost entirely similar (even in some respects down to the instruction manuals!).


The only subtle differences between the Recesky and Gakkenflex is that the Recesky is slightly wider in width, however the Recesky is also less pricier in comparison to the Gakkenflex. If you have been thinking about trying out the Gakkenflex for a while now, we don't see any reason why you shouldn't consider giving the Recesky a go!


If you have either of the Gakkenflex or Recesky, make sure you check out our Recesky DIY TLR tutorial if you are having any troubles assembling it.




Gakkenflex/Recesky versus Blackbird Fly TLR


The other toy camera TLR that's on the market is the Blackbird Fly TLR. The Blackbird Fly TLR is kind of like the grand daddy of the TLR's - it's packed with extra features, but the trade-off comes in the price difference.


The Blackbird Fly TLR has the following advantages:

- Hotshoe - enables you to shoot at night time or low light conditions

- Two apertures settings - f/7 & f/11

- Two shutter settings - 1/125 & Bulb mode

- Three shooting modes on 35mm film - You can shoot Square, 24x36 (normal) or a no frame mode which allows photos to be shot onto sprockets


The disadvantage of the Blackbird Fly TLR in comparison to the Recesky and Gakkenflex is that the viewfinder does not provide proper focusing. This means some guesswork is required (or a bit of practice at least!) when composing pictures. It's also not a DIY camera.


The extra features this camera has does provide a lot more shooting possibilities, however expect to pay more than hundred dollars in difference for it!

Written by lofi co — April 04, 2013


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