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How to load film into the Recesky (and Gakkenflex)

Step 1: Pull out the bottom knob slightly, so that it gives some space for you to insert the roll of film

Step 2: Insert your roll of film into the free spot at the bottom of the camera

Step 3: Push the knob back in, it should slot right into the roll of film that you have just inserted without any need of force. The Roll of film should now be locked in securely in the camera.

Step 4: In the next step, locate the take up spool as shown in the picture, and insert the roll of film into the take up spool such that it latches on to the spool.

Step 5: Rotate the top turning wheel and you should see that the film should now rotate with the take up spool. This mechanism essentially allows you to move onto the next frame of the picture. E.g. you take a picture, and you rotate the wheel, which moves the film to the next frame to allow you to take the next picture.

Step 6: Before you go ahead and close the lid, confirm that the wheel right below the take up spool latches on into the sprocket holes of the film. This is the mechanism that rotates the counter window on the side of the camera in between the two rotation knobs.

Final Step: Close the Recesky back door and make sure that it is latched closed and all gaps are sealed. Now rotate the top knob that advances the frames of the camera such that two whole frames are passed. Remember that one frame is equal to one arrow on the Recesky counter (e.g. a half rotation in the counter is equal to one frame).

Happy snappings :)

Written by lofi co — April 04, 2013


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