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Christmas cut off dates for delivery

Just a friendly reminder that the Christmas and New Year holiday period is quickly approaching! We all know that sudden dreaded feeling of realising that there's no film left in the fridge to shoot!

The last date to make orders to ensure delivery will be the 22nd of December. In order to make sure your delivery arrives before the Christmas break, make sure you select the Express Postage option at checkout.

We will be shipping orders throughout Christmas and New Years. 

Written by lofi co — December 17, 2014

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Fujifilm have recently announced a new sexy Instax Mini camera - the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic - that not only looks ultra cool but comes packed with some mouthwatering lo-fi features.

The camera is expected to be able to perform long exposures, multiple exposures and features a 60mm f/12 lens that should be good enough to do better macro's then the current mini cameras. The shutter speed will be capable of going up to 1/400s.

The camera will come with a heftier price tag, expected to be over $200 retail. The Japan launch date for the camera is 20th September.

We are super excited that Fujifilm has not given up on their successful line of Instax cameras!

Check out some photos and the short jazzy video released by Fujifilm about this product (in Japanese).


Written by lofi co — August 29, 2013

Analogue Corner

We're creating a new section on our site called the "Analogue Corner" where we will be frequently featuring various Australian film shooters! If you shoot film, have a blog or website then check this out!

Written by lofi co — August 22, 2013

Polaroid 600 Film

The Prize

It's been some time since our last Lofico giveaway - seeing as we now have the new Impossible Project PX680 Color Protection film available in our store, we are giving away two packs of Polaroid 600 film - with one pack of Impossible Project PX680 Color Protection film and one pack of the original Polaroid 600 film.


To Enter

Check out this post we made on our Facebook page!

A winner will be drawn by the end of August. Good luck!


More about Polaroid 600 film and Impossible Project PX 680 film

The original 600 Instant film was created by the Polaroid Corporation. Each packet of film consists of 10 shots that is designed specifically to be used in Polaroid 600 series cameras. This film was originally packaged together either as a single, double or triple pack. 

With the gradual demise of analogue film and with it dwindling sales and interest in instant films, Polaroid announced a cease of all production of Polaroid films in 2008. Luckily Polaroid cameras were saved from landfills with The Impossible Project picking up and soon releasing a very successful line of PX680 films to fill the gap.

From 2011 onwards, The Impossible Project has released three different versions of colour films for the Polaroid 600, starting with PX680 Color Shade, followed by PX680 Color Shade COOL and now finally PX680 Color Protection.

The newest PX680 Color Protection polaroid 600 film version is the first film by The Impossible Project that does not require users to shield the picture from light as it is ejected from the Polaroid 600 camera. This is certainly a demonstration of the continued improvements that are being made by The Impossible Project! Expect to see much more promising products from this innovative company in the years to come!

Written by lofi co — July 30, 2013

We're back!

Some of you will have noticed we haven't had an update for some time..  Do not fret, because we're back with more to offer than ever before!

Lofico was established about three years ago with the goal to make an impact on the film photography market in Australia, giving us an option to buy locally the widest range of film from around the world at reasonable prices. Thanks for your support, we have expanded our range of lo-fi photography products to include film cameras, instant cameras and film, accessories, and hand picked toy digital cameras.

We thought three years was about time to give lofico a well deserved update - so lately we have been working day and night to bring you lofico 2.0! We have restocked most of our products as well as added a number of new products to our shop. To celebrate the opening of our new online shop, we would like to offer 10% off all orders until 15th August 2013 - simply use coupon code 'LOFICO10' on checkout!

We have lots more planned and are really excited to have you on board with us again. Thank you!


Written by lofi co — July 08, 2013

2013 Mystery Clearance!

Can you believe it has been more than two years now since we first started up as a tiny eBay store?

Over this period we have built up a big list of products that haven’t made it onto our shop for one reason or another.

We want to make space for a bigger range and more stockpiles of items for the upcoming exciting 2013 – so help us out by clearing it out!

For $15 we’ll dig into this bag and send you a bunch of assorted goodies – stuff is limited – first come first serve!

Check out this page to participate! – we’re putting this on hold – thanks to all that participated! For those that missed out, we’ll be sure to hold another in the near future!

Written by lofi co — February 19, 2013


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Analogue Corner

We're creating a new section on our site called the "Analogue Corner" where we will be frequently featuring various Australian film shooters! If you shoot film, have a blog or website then check this out!

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