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B&W Film Developers

B&W developing is easier than some might think. For beginners we'd recommend starting out with black and white developing as it is easier to control and has a bit more tolerance. At lofico we're just starting to stock up some film developing supplies that will help you get started. If there is anything you'd like to find and is not listed in the store, please contact us and we'll try and stock it for you!


lofico - our passion, mission and drive - keeping film alive. Our goal is to promote and explore alternative photography and make it reachable and affordable to the widest audience possible and above all - keep film alive!

Analogue Corner

We're creating a new section on our site called the "Analogue Corner" where we will be frequently featuring various Australian film shooters! If you shoot film, have a blog or website then check this out!

Lofico Gift Card

Check out the Lofico Gift card, handy for when you want to give a suprise to a fellow film lover!
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