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Lomography Konstruktor

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The Lomography Konstruktor is a world-first do-it-yourself 35mm SLR camera. 

From piecing together the parts required for the lens, assembling the viewfinder and putting it altogether with the camera body, you will discover the concepts that are required to make a SLR camera work.

Get all the hot info on this amazing DIY camera at the Lomography microsite here.

Operating the lens

The Konstruktor has a fixed aperture lens. You can rotate the lens ring to change your focus. If the lens ring is close to the camera body, you’ll be focusing on subjects that are far away. If you rotate the lens ring to the right so that the lens is further from the camera body, you’ll focus on subjects closer to you. The lens will correctly focus as close as 0.5m to your subject.

Operating the shutter
  1. To operate the Konstruktor shutter, turn the Mirror Reset Knob until it is in the reset position
  2. Then select your shutter mode. You can select N (1/80s) for normal exposures or B (Bulb) for long exposures
  3. Then simply press the Shutter Release button to take a photo!
Rewinding the film

Do not open the Film Door until the full length of the exposed film has been rewound into the cartridge.

  1. Turn the Rewind Wheel in the direction of the arrow. Avoid blocking the Frame Counter and ensure the Film Advance Wheel rotates with the Rewind Wheel. The resistance will go away as the film disengages from the Take Up Spool.
  2. The Film Door can now be opened to remove your film
  3. Pull the Rewind Wheel up to take out your film

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