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Fujifilm Film

Fujifilm was established in 1934 as one of the first Japanese producers of photographic films. Fujifilm film has one of the largest film product range which include:

Fujichrome colour reversal (slide) films

  • Velvia - one of the most fine-grained and saturated films in the market.
  • Provia - provides more natural colours than Velvia.
  • Astia - provide lower contrast and fine grains for studio or portraits.
  • Sensia - low contrast consumer slide film with similar colour profile as the Astia
  • Fortia - high contrast consumer slide film with vivid colours and high saturation

Colour negative (print) films

  • Fujicolor Pro 160S, 160C, 400H, 800Z - professional films with different levels of contrast.
  • Reala - the first film to use the fourth cyan-sensitive layer.
  • Superia - developed for snapshots.

Professional black and white negative films

  • Neopan SS, Acros, 400, 1600 - the Neopan 400 and 1600 are made to use the same developing times and can be developed in the same tank/machine and developer combination simultaneously.


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