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Holga 120

The Holga 120 camera is the original Holga made in the 1980s as a cheap alternative to other 120 medium format film cameras available in the market. While it did not take off at the time as 35mm film dominated the film market, the Holga has made a resurgence and comeback in popularity and survives today as one of the most popular cameras that shoot in the 120 medium format film. The Holga is simple in design but at the same time capable of capturing stunning images. The Holga is seen to be one of the iconic cameras that embraces all the concepts promoted by the Lomography movement.

Today we see the Holga 120 comes in many variants and colours - from the basic 120N with the plastic lens, 120GCFN with glass lens and built-in colour flash, to 120PC and 120WPC pinhole versions, 120TLR twin lens reflex version and 120PAN that takes panoramic photographs!


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