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Lomography Diana F+ Mr Pink Camera with Flash

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The Lomography Diana F+ Mr Pink is a special edition Diana F+ camera. It's packed with all the original's features but with a HOT Pink color scheme! 

The Lomography Diana camera is without a doubt one of Lomography's most well-known cameras and it's not hard to see why!

The Diana camera has a history that dates back to the 1960s (that's even earlier than Holga!). Like the Holga, it's built up a cult legend for being famous for its dreamy, radiant lo-fi images. Today's Diana cameras come with the original look - it's retro design and the eye-catching flash that comes with it is guaranteed to attract attention from even non-photography enthusiasts!

The Diana F+ is a medium format camera. This means it takes 120 film (similar to the Holga 120 series of cameras). The flash included in this package fires a burst of white or colored light at your subject. Included adapters allow you to use the Diana Flash on standard hotshoe cameras (like the LC-A+ and Fisheye 2) or use a hotshoe flash on Diana F+ body.

The Diana F+ comes packed with features: 

  • Two shutter speeds - "N" for normal (1/60 shutter speed) or “B” for long exposures (indoor/nighttime)
  • Three aperture settings - f/11, f/16, and f/22!
  • Two image formats - shoot 12 full frame shots or 16 on a roll of 120 medium format film!
  • Multi-exposures - allows you to add another dimension in creativity to your photos
  • Removable lens for Pinhole Function - a "Pinhole" setting puts the aperture to f/150!
  • Shutter Lock and Tripod Thread for solid long exposures and pinhole photography
  • Plastic Lens - f/16, 75mm lens

Each package includes the new "Diana Vignettes, More True Tales & Short Stories" book - packed with over 200 pages of Diana history, Diana+ images, and truly off-the-wall fictional stories.

Package Includes:

  • Diana F+ Mr Pink Camera
  • Diana F+ Flash
  • "More True Tales & Short Stories" Diana Vignettes hardcover book
  • Color Gel Filters - allows you to add color to your flash
  • 12 & 16-shot format frames
  • Shutter lock, neckstrap, lens cap
  • Multilingual instructions


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