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Rollei Colorchem C-41 Kit

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The Rollei Colorchem C-41 Kit is another exciting kit made by Rollei that lets you do c-41 film development in your own home.

This kit can handle processing at 3 different temperatures: 38°C for standard or 45°C for rapid proessing in rotary processors, or also alternative processing at 25°C, meaning that similar to the /products/rollei-digibase-c-41-kit, this kit doesn't require high temperatures for development hence development can be done in your own home.

This 1 litre kit should be enough to process 16 135-36 films. 

Contents of this kit include:

  • 3 x Color Developers (A, B & C)
  • Bleacher
  • Fixer
  • Stabiliser
  • Instructions Manual in 

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