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Recesky is a lifestyle brand formed on the ideas of 'Relaxation, Entertainment, Creation, Education'. Part of their product range is the DIY 'do-it-yourself' camera kits that are not only fun to build but is also an excellent way to get to know how a camera works. The Recesky TLR is a twin lens reflex camera and the Recesky Stereo Pinhole Camera allows '3D' photographs to be taken when viewed with the Stereo Viewer that comes in the kit. While it is called a Stereo Pinhole Camera, it also functions as a normal pinhole camera that takes regular pictures, as well as a panoramic camera that takes pictures twice the width of a regular pictures.


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We're creating a new section on our site called the "Analogue Corner" where we will be frequently featuring various Australian film shooters! If you shoot film, have a blog or website then check this out!

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