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The Impossible Project Film

If there was a superheroes story in film photography, we think the creators of The Impossible Project will certainly be The Avengers. When Polaroid announced they would be discontinuing film production, The Impossible Project came to save the world by taking over the last Polaroid production plant in Enschede (NL). Since then they have brought Polaroid film back to life by inventing and producing new instant film materials to be used in Polaroid cameras.

By doing that, they have effectively saved 300,000,000 (that's three hundred million) perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete. 

The Impossible Project now produces B&W and color film for all ranges of Polaroid cameras including Polaroid type 600, Polaroid Sx-70 and Polaroid Spectra cameras.


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We're creating a new section on our site called the "Analogue Corner" where we will be frequently featuring various Australian film shooters! If you shoot film, have a blog or website then check this out!

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