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Our Mission

Disappointed with the lack of Australian suppliers in film photography, lofico was established in late 2010 with an aim to make an impact in this scene. Our passion and drive is to keep film alive and promote alternative photography to enthusiasts regardless of age or skill. We want to make film photography as much of a fun and exciting experience as possible.

We see film photography as something that should be reachable and affordable to everyone and not just an exclusive group. At the same time we love the idea of moving away from the digital world of photography and returning back to the basics of film – a lo-fi approach to photography.

What is lo-fi?

We believe lo-fi photography is more than just a style. It is a movement, a lifestyle, and a way of thinking. Lo-fi photographs are taken by low-tech equipment, a back to basics approach to taking photographs that brings you closer to the principles of photography – something that you just don’t really get from using the regular digital camera.

Keeping Film Alive

We’ve seen it happen once already – when Polaroid phased out their instant film. We are certain we won’t let photographic film face the same fate. Digital cameras have already become the standard photography equipment today. Even a standard mobile phone is capable of taking a clear picture – but nothing can change the fact that these digital pictures lack heart and soul.

We want to move you back to the essence of photography – of knowing what actually happens when you click on the shutter button, how light is exposed to the beautiful medium of film, and becomes a photograph when it is developed, and printed. We even want you to build your own camera. And if you’re game, we want to encourage you to develop your own photos too. But we’ll take it step by step…


lofico - our passion, mission and drive - keeping film alive. Our goal is to promote and explore alternative photography and make it reachable and affordable to the widest audience possible and above all - keep film alive!

Analogue Corner

We're creating a new section on our site called the "Analogue Corner" where we will be frequently featuring various Australian film shooters! If you shoot film, have a blog or website then check this out!

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