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We're trialling a new system that will allow you to purchase items even though we may not have the stock in hand.

This is perfect for people that know they will need a larger amount of film or other item soon but won't need it immediately.

Most films can now be pre-ordered. You will know a film can be pre-ordered by the "Pre-order Availability" indicator at the Shopping Cart page.

  •  means an item can be pre-ordered - you can order as many quantity of these items as you wish and we will ship your whole order out once we have the stock in hand.
  • means an item can not be pre-ordered - you can only order the quantity we have in stock

If you make an order that contains items on pre-order (e.g. your order quantity is higher than the stock we have on hand) then we will ship your whole order out when we have new stock in

If you require the order to be shipped now, only order the quantity we have in stock right now.

As a guide line, these are the shipping times for various brands of film.

Film Brands

Estimated Delivery Timeframe

Kodak, Fujifilm, Agfa & Ilford,  

2-3 weeks

Fomapan & Rollei

3-4 weeks

Other items 3 weeks


These times are general estimated times, if unforeseen problems arise (e.g. unexpected supplier issues) then we will get in touch with you regarding your order with an update.

Questions or Feedback? Shoot us a message at our contact page!


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