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Holga 120 CFN Camera (Silver Black)

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The Holga 120 CFN sports a built-in Colour Flash, enabling you to shoot pictures with funky colour effects at your fingertips. Operating the Colour Flash is as easy as rotating the dial at the top of the camera. In addition to a normal white flash, red, blue and orange coloured flashes are also available at your disposal.

In addition to the color flash, the Holga CFN comes with all the goodies the Holga has to offer, such as:

Package includes:

  • Bulb setting - allows for extended shutter release, ideal for use when shooting at night time or with a tripod
  • multiple exposures - allows you to shoot many photos onto a single frame/picture!
  • two film masks that give you the option to shoot 12 frames or 16 frames on a roll of 120 film!
  • two aperture settings

How you make use of these features along with the colour flash to create your photos is only limited by your imagination and creativity!

  • Brand new Holga 120CFN camera (Silver/Black)
  • Film mask for 6 x 4.5cm shooting
  • Film mask for 6 x 6 cm shooting
  • Instruction manual
  • Camera strap

Note: The Colour Flash requires 2 x standard AA batteries, not included in the package.

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