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Holga 120 N (Pink & White)

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This is where the magic begins! The Holga 120 N is your entry ticket to the world of lomo photography. The Holga 120 N produces amazing distinctive photos - such as its signature vignetting around corners.

Whether you are a casual photography enthusiast or a serious photographer wanting to test out the unique lomo effects this camera produces - one thing's for sure, this camera has something to offer everyone.

It comes with all the goodies the Holga has to offer, such as:

  • Bulb setting - allows for extended shutter release, ideal for use when shooting at night time or with a tripod
  • multiple exposures - allows you to shoot many photos onto a single frame/picture!
  • two film masks that give you the option to shoot 12 frames or 16 frames on a roll of 120 film!
  • two aperture settings
  • hotshoe - allows you to attach a separate external flash! (Check out the Holga one!)

How you make use of these features to create your photos is only limited by your imagination and creativity!

Package includes:

  • Brand new Holga 120 N camera
  • Film mask for 6 x 4.5cm shooting
  • Film mask for 6 x 6 cm shooting
  • Instruction manual
  • Camera strap

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