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Holga Lens for Panasonic Lumix G (HLW-PLG) Cameras

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Holga have come out with a lens especially designed for Panasonic Lumix G camera! 

Forget for a minute about thousand dollar lenses and pop one of these plastic Holga Lenses onto your Panasonic Lumix G camera and you'll likely be amazed at just how good images can be even when shot from a cheap plastic lens!

The effective aperture of the lens is f/8 and focal length roughly equivalent to 25mm. Focus is achieved through the regular Holga Zone Focus method.

Grab a Holga Lens for your Panasonic Lumix G camera today!


  • The Holga lens that can be used with any Panasonic Lumix G Camera
  • Effective Focal Length:  25mm
  • Aperture:  Fixed f/8
  • Focus:  Manual Zone Focus
  • Lens Type:  Plastic
  • Dimensions:  38x57mm
  • Weight:  38g

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