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Professor Kobre's Lightscoop® Deluxe

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The Lightscoop® Deluxe is the baby brother to the Lightscoop - it is simpler and lighter in design but gets the job done just as well. This simple device turns the normal flash that comes equipped with most SLR's into a pop up style flash, giving effects normally only achieved with pricier add-on flashes.

Conventional flashes that come equipped with the camera often give poor and unrealistic lighting to photos as the light shines excessively directly onto the subject being photographed. The Lightscoop creates a more natural looking photo as the light from the flash is bounced up onto the ceiling, recreating a more light source that is more distributed.

Don’t let your convenient little pop-up flash ruin your photos with evil red eye, ugly shadows, hot spots, bleached out faces, underexposed colors, and blurry movement that exist only in your photographs, not in the real world.

The Lightscoop creates soft, natural light and lets you capture the scene the way you see it.


Bouncing a pop-up flash requires these settings to optimize the amount of light a scene receives.

See our troubleshooting page if your pictures are too dark. For more background, see Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. Metering Method: Spot Meter is a must for Nikons. Any method works with other brands.
  2. Camera Exposure Mode (not flash exposure): Manual (M).
  3. ISO: 800 or higher. Experiment.
  4. Widest lens aperture – f/2.8, f/3.5, or f/4.0 depending on the lens.
  5. Shutter speed: 1/200 or higher. Experiment.
  6. Flash Exposure Compensation: +1 or +2. Experiment.
  7. Flash "on" (front curtain sync) – NOT red-eye reduction, slow sync, etc.
  8. Pop-up flash metering mode: TTL.

View Professor Kobré’s step-by-step videos on setting up the Lightscoop on some camera models.

Use with the pop-up flash on most dSLR models EXCEPT Sony.

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