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R09 One Shot (120ml) B&W Film Developer

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R09 ONE SHOT is a B&W Film developer that is created according to the much loved Rodinal developer formula. 

It is characterised by very good contour sharpness and high emulsion speed yield. The subject contrast can be influenced by varying the dilution of the concentrate.

  • Mixing: 1 part concentrate to 25 or 50 parts water at a temperature of 20° C.
  • Shelf life: The concentrate remains usable for at least 6 months once the bottle has been opened if the screw top is tightly closed. When diluted for use, R09 ONE SHOT only keeps for a short time and therefore should only be mixed immediately before use.
  • Developing times: 20° C Dilution 1 + 25 or 1 + 50 (Small tank processing). 
  • Agitation: Small tanks - continuously for the first minute, and then tilt every 30 seconds

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