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TIP PX70 Color Shade (Polaroid Sx-70 Film)

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This PX-70 Color Shade film is the result of months of hard work by The Impossible Project team. It is the successor to their earlier First Flush and Push films and without a doubt has become known to be much more stable in comparison to their "beta" films.

The Impossible Project PX70 Color Shade film has a relatively higher film speed (light sensitivity) in comparison to the previous versions - rated at around 300 ISO. This actually means that it may be a film suitable for both SX-70 and Polaroid Type 600 cameras!

For use in Polaroid SX-70 cameras adjust the lighten/darken wheel or slider to the darkest position.

For use in Polaroid type 600 cameras adjust the lighten/darken wheel or slider to alighter setting.

As with all other Impossible Project films, the first few seconds when the film is ejected after taking a shot are critical - the picture must be shielded away from light! Follow this easy tip and we think you will be impressed with the colors and details this film can produce!

Check out this Impossible Project video for more information on this tip to get the best possible results whether you are shooting it from your Polaroid SX-70 camera or Polaroid Type 600 camera.

Important: Make sure you check out the Impossible Project's guides for their films if you are new to these films!

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