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TIP PX70 Color Shade Push (Polaroid Sx-70 Film)

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Take those Polaroid Sx-70 cameras back out! The Impossible Project's "PX-70 Push!" film brings instant film back to life and gives you the chance to once again produce lovely Polaroids that have captured so much attention in analogue photography through the years. 

Although PX-70 Push! is still a very experimental film, it is already the second batch of films released after extensive development,  succeeding The Impossible Project's earlier release of "PX-70 First Flush" films. 

This film has peculiar characteristics: it has a pinkish tint, that has an ongoing chemical reaction with the material still being sensitive to light up to two minutes after the shot has been taken! The chemical reaction continues even days after the picture has been taken!

PX 70 Color Shade PUSH! Is suitable for all Polaroid SX 70 camera models such as the Land Folding Model (1, 2 and 3), OneStep Rainbow, Pronto, Amigo, Sear Special and more! It is not suitable and not recommended for Polaroid 600 models. 

For Polaroid 600 models check TIP have also released PX680, which is also available in our shop.

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