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Wanderlust Pinwide Lens for Micro Four Thirds Cameras

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The Wanderlust Pinwide is a lens attachment that will transform your Micro Four Thirds camera into a digital pinhole camera! It empowers your Micro Four Third camera with the ability to create lofi images with the delicious pinhole smoothness with wonderful vignetting you would expect from analog pinhole cameras.

The Pinwide is engineered by Wanderlust with high precision to create images that closely matches the look and feel of traditional analog pinhole photography. With a 11mm (or 22mm equivalent) pinhole providing an ultrawide field of view and  infinite depth of field, the Pinwide lets you create incredible near/far shots which would be impossible with a lens. 

As the makers of Wanderlust put it, it has "All the vintage charm of pinhole, but with a live viewfinder, adjustable ISO, autoexposure and even video."

This is certainly a must-have-accessory if you have a Micro Four Thirds Camera!

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